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About FSX Projects

My name is Philippe Marion and I am passionate about flight simulation, aircrafts in general, commercial airliners in particular, ... and a bit of a perfectionist too.
FSX Projects is a website showcasing my work with Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Why Flight Simulator X ?

I have been "flying" in Flight Simulator since version 2.0 and the first version I actually bought was Flight Simulator 3.1 (for DOS) back at the beginning of the 90's. Since then, I have owned every single version of FS that Microsoft published. Flight Simulator X happens to be the last one ever released (2006) and supposingly the best one, although some of you will disagree by saying that Flight Simulator 2004 "A century of flight" was better. The FSX original version was further improved through the "Acceleration" add-on in 2007 and FSX itself was also re-released has "FSX Deluxe" which included "Acceleration" and the SDK too. I have virtually flown all sorts of aircrafts and spent many hours flying in all those years.

Why FSX Projects ?

Well, since I have been spending so much time painting textures, fine tuning configuration files and creating effects for FSX, I decided to share my work with other passionate flight simmers. There are many Flight Simulator add-ons on hundred of websites out there, but most of these add-ons have some sort of issues and I usually rework them straight-away before even testing them for the first time. Most errors are usually found in 2K4 to FSX aircraft conversions but other files have errors too. I try to find the best models and raise the levels of details and realism in all my aircrafts: livery, engine sound, lighting, special effects and panels, I usually rework everything. This website is my way of offering my designs to the wider community of FSX users. Fell free to download them and fly them.

Why so many Air Afrique aircrafts ?

I grew-up in western africa and I had the great privilege of travelling with Air Afrique many times. Air Afrique will always be my favourite airline and painting textures of actual aircrafts I actually flown in is something I find quite therapeutic. It is my way of bringing back some great memories from my childhood, while indulging my passion for classic airliners from the 70's, 80's and 90's.

Why do I need to register ?

This is because the site is designed that way and it gives me the ability to offer support if required. By registering I effectively have a way to contact you if needed. The site is GDPR compliant so you can delete your account at anytime of course, but then I might not be able to contact you afterwards. I very much value your privacy and I will never use or compromise your data in anyway.

Who designed the FSXProjects website ?

I did. I am the lead developer of NivoCart, which is also freely available to anyone wanting to start an online shopping cart.


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