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General Electric CF6-50 (B747)

General Electric CF6-50 (B747)
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Code: GE-CF6-50-B747
File size: 61,735 KB
Availability: Download


General Electric GE CF6-50 sounds

For use with POSKY (Project OpenSky) Boeing 747-200/300 GE

Basepack models, textures and soundpack hosted and available at Historic Jetliners Group at http://simviation.com//hjg/

Original Filename: fsx_cf6-50_dc-10-30_fd_v1.zip
Original Author: Benoit Plamondon
Release: April 2015
Version: Flightdeck environment & exterior sounds

Boeing 747-200 adaptation:
Author: Philippe Marion
Release: July 2018

Soundpack features:

 From the flightdeck's perspective:

- GE CF6-50 engines (2 Engines)
- GE CF6-50 starter/ignition/shutdown
- flightdeck environmental sounds, generators and avionics
- Thrust reversers
- Flaps
- Gear lowering/retracting
- Tire roll friction/bumps on runway
- Touchdown (tires making contact with runway)
- Air friction/rush against fuselage pro-rated with airspeed
- Boeing 747-200 passenger door opening/closing
- Gear up, stall, overspeed, glideslope, autopilot disconnect warning sounds
- Seatbelts and No_smoking sounds

 From an external perspective:

- FSX features sound cones configuration, with seperate front, side/blending (front & exhaust) and rear exhaust effects.
- GE CF6-50 engines (4 Engines)
- GE CF6-50 starter/ignition/shutdown front & exhaust
- Thrust reversers
- Exhaust blast


1. Backup the content of your Boeing 747-200 sound folder if you want to keep those just in case...
2. Unzip the content of this zipped file into your Boeing 747-200 sound folder.
3. Start your flight sim, select your favourite Boeing 747-200 texture that you have installed and enjoy.

Sound setting recommendation:

This soundpack was created using the following slider settings:
To adjust to the same settings, start your FSX, go to options\sounds and adjust the sound sliders to read:
"Engines" = 50%
"Environment" = 50%

Experiment with the above recommended settings first then adjust to your particular preference.
Keep in mind that PCs and soundcards differ from one system to another and may produce different results.

These files are freeware and may only be distributed as such.
They must not be included in or used as a sound source for any payware product.


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